The Double Cherry (formerly known as Web of Passion)

Jane had had what her friends regarded as a ‘colourful’ past. A sensationally brief marriage had been followed by a liaison with Giorgio, an Italian count. But living with Giorgio had turned out to be far from easy…

Her best friend, Virginia – or rather Verge – had, on the other hand, a ‘perfect’ marriage to the Hon, Robin Askew. maybe he did take her rather for granted and it was unsatisfactory that his income was so reliant on gambling.

And then there was Alex with his chronically ill wife, who seemed badly in need of comforting…

A story of sexual passion and intrigue set in Venice and London in the 1970s, Web of Passion gives a steamy account of the tangle “nice” people can get themselves into when desire rules their actions, and examines the fine line between warm friendship and sexual desire.

Now available as an eBook under its new title The Double Cherry:

Publications Date: 12th April 2015

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In Print
Publication Date: 12th August 1994
Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd
ISBN: 978-1854799029

What readers say about Web of Passion:

Suspenseful tale of adultery and betrayal set in the seventies in London and Venice. Felt I really knew the characters and would like to see it dramatised.

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